Mobility Battery 12V 70ah, 75ah, 80ah


Ultra Deep Cycle Battery

Suitable for large scooters and powerchairs. Please check your manual to ensure you are looking at the right size battery.


This is a suitable replacement for 70ah, 72ah, 75ah, 76ah, 80ah mobility batteries.

Price: £94.99 ex. VAT

  • Ultra Deep Cycle Battery
  • Made for Mobility Products.
  • L : 260mm.
  • W : 169mm.
  • H : 220mm.
  • Weight : 23.5kg
  • Non-spillable Valve Regulated Lead Acid (V.R.L.A.) design.
  • Advanced deep cycle technology.
  • High impact resistant plastic case.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Not restricted for Surface, Maritime and Air transport.
  • It is adviseable to replace mobility scooter batteries in pairs.

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